Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I woke to a very beautiful sight thismorning! As I was in a deep sleep, all of my family came in & yelled "Happy Valentine's Day". I opened my eyes & saw my husband with my youngest in one of his arms and a baby blue heart guitar in the other. Oh My!! Of course, I don't really play guitar, but I guess I will soon. :-) My husband just got a new one & I've been joking with him about using it behind his back. Well, he must have gotten some kind of hint. Hey, it will be fun & bonding, if you know what I mean. Isn't he a sweetie. Yeah, well don't ask what I got for him. Actually, I have been in a coma for the past few days getting rid of this flu thing. So he still hasn't gotten anything yet. How I'm going to top that off, I have no clue! Anyway, here's a picture of my new guitar for you... Enjoy. Isn't she purdy? And, I don't mind if you drool just a little. But, you'd better not scratch it!! :-) Thanks for celebrating with me. Hope your Vday was beautiful too. Oh, and if you have any great vday ideas that are CHEAP (well, I've only got a little bit of cash to work with here), PLEASE, please, pretty please, give me some idea of what to do in this crisis moment. Thanks again!!

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