Friday, February 09, 2007

What do I do with myself?

1 Corinthians 7:20
Let every man abide in the same calling
wherein he was called.

What is our calling?

First to love God. What does that mean exactly? Well, in His words it means to obey. When we obey God He knows that we trust in Him (because He's asking for some pretty big stuff that can not be done without some supernatural intervention!) We have to trust that obeying Him is the only way. And, if we are obeying Him, we WILL come to Him often for help. So, obeying Him also means that you have faith in Him. Whoever comes to God must first believe that He is. So in essence, loving is obeying, obeying is trusting over riding all of these is your faith, all of which are pleasing to God. I have been through some deep times with God. But, I have learned that more important then those “super spiritual” times, He's looking for those who are willing to believe in His plan and obey it.
Second is to obey, respect and help the king of the castle. There's that word again. Obey. This one was tough for me. I had no idea when I got married all of MY plans & MY agenda would be out the window. I was now connected to a man who is called to lead his home. My job is simply to help him & respect his ability to lead. Oh boy, if ever our society has been mixed up in this area, now is that time. Ladies we will never know the JOY it is to honor our husbands if we don't step into this arena. Most women don't even know that this is God's plan for us. Lord help us to remember our calling!Yes it is hard. But, the rewards are not only here but in heaven!! How many of us have tried to change our men through all sorts of ungodly ways? Instead, lets embrace who they are, knowing that God Himself can only change that man into what he needs to be. So, look into your lovers eyes with affection and acceptance thinking on when you first held hands or kissed. Make a list of ways you can help him. Oh this is where I personally fall so short. What can you do to promote him and keep his Castle orderly? Ask him daily what you can do to please him. Then go about doing that as best as you possibly can.
Third to cherish those children you bore. Each one is so precious. They have their own personalities. It's up to us to remember that they are to be treasured. This is for eternity. It is our duty to shape their hearts and mold them into people of high standard that are compassionate, considerate, strong and capable people. But above all, that they obey. This comes not just from critical discipline. (as I learned the hard way) It is very much a balance between loving and correction. Loving is not just showering with kisses when you feel YOU need a boost. It is a selfless kind of thing. It is rooted in communication. Knowing them from the inside out. So many people now are shipping their own flesh off to people they don't even know very well. How sad. Homeschooling is (in my humble opinion) the best way to keep your children's hearts. Truly. How else can you know what is affecting them each day. But, even within the realm of homeschooling, how many allow their children to be left to themselves? I know mine have had WAY too much time on their own. It is our job to form that relationship. It is the only bond that will keep them during the difficult years when they are searching for themselves what they believe. So, to sum it up, the two most important words to remember when raising children in my opinion is consistency and involvement.
Fourth to be a keeper of your home. This is where the rubber meets the road. If you can accomplish this one you have essentially made the others before a whole lot easier job. Because truthfully keeping your home is loving God, your husband and your children. It is a sacrifice of love to make your home sparkle and create a comfortable atmosphere where you can enjoy each other. When I first became a homemaker (or an adult for that matter!) I had no idea how to take care of a home, let alone do it cheerfully. I thank God for my husband who has stuck with me even when I was a mess (inside & out). Although I have learned a lot about the art of homemaking, I find myself being unfaithful many times. When life gets tough, emotionally I can break down. This is part of my “old man” dealing with life the old way. I sometimes forget that I can come to God (as He said to do) and lay down my burden at His feet. At that point of despair He's not expecting perfection, He's just asking me to first remember His love, then take it one step at a time. Conquer that sink that's overflowing. Remember the joy of being a keeper of your home, the love you pour into your castle as you fluff the pillows just right. Put on some beautiful music, classical always works for me. Take your time. Enjoy those tasks that make your husband feel so rested and at peace after working for his family all day.
Let us be found faithful to God in this day Ladies.
There is nothing better than this!

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This was such an encouraging post. Thanks so much!