Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Big Question...

A Healing Revival?

When I said “healing revival” in my testimony, you may have thought to yourself that I am off in my Christianity. And, with any understanding of what types of “healing revivals” there are out there, it may be a scary thought that you are reading this crazy lady's blog! I mean there are weird people out there, dancing in the so called “spirit”, being slain in the “spirit”, there have even been stranger things like barking like a dog, running around the church calling on God for money and really weird things like...speaking in tongues. What kind of church exactly do you go to? That's the big question. I've seen some strange videos of different churches that do some of those things I mentioned and to answer the question no, we don't do any of those strange things. But, we do believe in that last really weird thing, which is speaking in tongues. Now, before you shut me off, I'm just going to speak a little bit about what I know on the subject. (which, frankly isn't a whole lot, but I'll give you my perspective.)

First thing is first, is this an issue of salvation? No. God is a merciful God and He truly is going to save someone who's heart is toward Him. I do not believe that those who do not speak in tongues are going to hell. This is of course the most important question on tongues.
The second is then, WHY? This is burning question of those who have never spoken in tongues. If it's not important to salvation then why should I? From my own experience and study (of course that's all I really have, right. :-D ) It is THE power of God. I say this with heartfelt honesty. Let me first explain what exactly is meant by speaking in tongues, as best as I possibly can.

First off, there is no question that the Bible DOES talk and have accounts of speaking in an “unknown language”. Obviously acts is the book that talks the most on the subject. Throughout the entire book there are many accounts. And, yes, they can be confusing. But, there is not really a question that there was an outpouring of God's spirit with a new language they were blessed to experience. The questions come with some of the sentences used in the middle of this miracle. Like, why in the first outpouring with the tongues of fire, did they speak in everyone else's language, so that everyone heard them speaking in their own language? Here's where I've learned to read the entire Bible and not jump to conclusions. Or focus too much on the small parts. I first try to see the whole picture, then work out the details. Because, God is a God of miracles! He truly can make anything happen. I have heard of real accounts of people sitting next to someone who was speaking in tongues and the person sitting next to them really did hear them speaking in their own language. This was told to me from a friend of a friend, but I know God can do (and does) cool things like that! But anyway, that's the only account in the Bible where that happened. Otherwise, paul says he speaks in “tongues of angels” 1 corinthians 13:1. It is a “spiritual prayer language”. I am trying to answer some of the questions I have had along the way and give you the answer of why I, personally, speak in tongues.

Is speaking in tongues being “filled with the Holy Spirit”? If so, then why does God speak about the Holy spirit outside of tongues? Good question, I'm glad you asked. :-D One particular part in acts really cleared this up for me. The Holy spirit just acts in a few different ways. In Acts 19 the people believed on God, yet they had not “received the Holy Ghost”. Being “born again” and “receiving the Holy Ghost” are two different things.

More questions come when you read in 1 Corinthians 13-14. It can be very confusing. Unless you've experienced the two types of tongues he is speaking of, you may not understand at all. First he is speaking of the prayer language which will edify you (or help you to talk to God about things in your heart that you might not quite know how to convey) then paul talks about prophesy. Prophesy comes from a different tongue as well. It is for the church. Now, when you break that down into two parts it can make a little more sense of why he says don't speak without interpretation.

If you are willing to step out in faith toward God, He will direct you. I understand why people may find it strange and difficult to understand. But, just because you are confused about something in the Bible doesn't mean that you should ignore it. I did not know the first thing about taking care of a house and cooking meals, but it was something I chose to study and begin to take steps to learn. When I first met God, I had not read a single page of the Bible, but I was hungry to find out about Him.

I have personally chosen to believe the FULL Bible. One thing I have noticed about those who do not speak in tongues or converse in the Holy Spirit too often, is their boldness is gone and so is any kind of authority. Being filled up supernaturally in God's Holy Spirit WILL IMBOLDEN YOU! Every time you see someone from the new testament or even the old, when God's spirit came upon someone they would do something BIG and BOLD. This is something that is MAJORLY missing from our Churches from this age. There is no power of God moving. It amazes me that people can go to a Church and never see any miracles. Now, I've given you my testimony, you know that I am aware that the anti-Christ will rise up to do many miracles that are meant to deceive even the elect. But, there is no reason why TODAY we should not contend for God to show Himself real in this age. In fact, my Bible says, greater miracles we will we do, but Jesus also questioned when He comes back if He find ANY faith on the earth. Do we really believe God. (I'm asking myself here too!) We are to be like Jesus. He was a Man of authority! He didn't beg the Father to do something for him in a whiny voice. He knew His Father's will and then He commanded that to be done. Never did Jesus tell anyone who came to Him that they could not be healed because that was not the Fathers will for them at that time. Never. I am of the opinion that it is always God's will for us to be set free, but that there are times when we (for some reason or another) will not or cannot let God move. There was a time that the disciples could not heal and Jesus said THIS KIND cannot come out but by Prayer and FASTING. Sometimes there is such a hold from hell that you have to take extra measures of desperation before God in order to be set free.

So, why do I speak in tongues? One reason, I've experienced God supernaturally by speaking to the Holy spirit. Experience convinces sometimes. You won't know what you are missing if you haven't experienced it.

I know I don't have too many readers, but if you happen to read this, I'd love to know what YOU think on this topic. Leave a comment if you're able.

Thanks for reading!!

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Larry said...

Hello, Mercy,

I enjoyed reading your article, as I just recently had my first experience with a person speaking in tongue, although there was no one to interpret for those of us who don't yet have that gift.

Your thoughts, however, were helpful to me in understanding more about this gift. I received a blessing. Thanks for sharing!