Friday, March 09, 2007

Ode to my friend, Betty!

I am so thankful for her friendship. She has 7 children, oops, she has one on the way - that makes 8! What a wealth of knowledge she is to me. Yesterday she showed up at my door with a box full of books to read. My heart thumped with excitement as I swallowed and said with a gulp, "thank you." Of course the first chance I got I settled down to take a close look at each one. As with every homeschooler, I L O V E, love, love, love Books!!

Here's the list of the few she brought that I am now currently reading:

A couple of Charlotte Mason books:
~For the Children's sake
~Charlotte Mason Study Guide

A couple of "school type" books:
~Ray's arithmetic
~ABC's and all their tricks

This one my friend Betty said she agrees with most of what she has to say, but thinks she goes a bit overboard in the s*x section. I've mostly skimmed it so far.
~The Way Home by Mary Pride

And, my VERY favorite out of the bunch:
~Pocketful of Pinecones
(I started reading it with my oldest, who is 7. I knew I would love the examples & inspiration to do our own nature walks. I'll update later on how those work out!)

That's it. She brought over a few others that she's currently using for me to glance at for a few minutes: the saxon math (I'd seen before & owned the k grade), First language lessons, AVKO sequential spelling (both of which I intend to buy at some point here soon).

What a treat! And, it seems God has mercy on me with each new book I get to read he always allows uninterrupted time to read. Last night my boys went to song practice and my daughter (who hadn't taken a nap all day yesterday) was falling asleep in her dinner chair at 7:30, so I spent the evening soaking up the blessing that a good friend shared.
When I get a chance I'll make an amazon link list on the side...

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