Friday, March 02, 2007

Our AMAZING God...

I am SOO in AWE right now!

We are living on a nice sized lot (1/2 acre maybe) in a manufactured home neighborhood. VERY nice neighbors. And, we have felt REALLY blessed, considering we are paying about HALF of the average for rent. The downside of our home has been, among other things, the age of this mobile. It's from 1959! It was an older couple who lived here, so truthfully, considering it's age, it is beautiful! When we moved in it had all of the old style wall paper, yes carpet (golden yellow, or pee yellow depending on my mood :-D ). It had an old fridge made from General Motors, if that tells you anything. (by the way, it will be gone here soon!) And, it's just kind of small. Maybe not as much small as it is awkward. The kitchen is itty bitty. I'm so thankful that our landlord was willing to let us move in a dishwasher & paint, etc. We have two bedrooms and a half room that isn't heated. ANYWAY, I tell you all of this to say, we had been praying for God to give us a new home. We started looking around and that's how I know the prices for rent around here. We considered buying, but the time for us is just not right yet. So recently I made up my mind, I'm just going to MAKE it work. This has been a real headache for me. I have moved ALL of us into EVERY single room there is (including the living room sadly). And, I haven't found any feasible solution. SO, just as I made up my mind, we're just going to stay here until we absolutely can't...God moved mightily in our circumstance! Our landlord decided he wants to move a newer home (above 1990) onto this lot!!! He's paying for all of the moving. And, WE get to look for the home! As soon as we find one that we all agree upon, we can move!! I am just amazed right now. Really. God really does provide! Friend of mine, you CAN believe God to move for you in your circumstances. He is a God of blessing. And, in the mean time, be SO thankful for what He has already provided. God ALWAYS comes through. We just sometimes miss it because we're complaining so much that we don't see what He's given. I have been there by the way. Too many times.

Lord I just give YOU glory.
Let your name be glorified and shone through this circumstance I pray.

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