Monday, March 26, 2007


I didn't work too much on Grandpa's book this weekend, so that's my main goal today. I want to get it totally done!! I need to get it done asap, but it's hard to keep focused. I don't have much to do, it's just keeping myself on task. So, hopefully I can get this done today so that I can get back to "real life" here soon. :-D

P.S. God is working miraculously in my life right now in some personal matters and I am SO thankful for answered prayers!! Especially those that I have been praying for for YEARS! (and in some ways my heart had given up...)

Thank God that He is faithful!!!!!!!!

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runningtothecross said...

I have that problem, too...keeping on task. My brain is distracted very easily. Sometimes keeping the word FOCUS on my brain helps. That is, if I remember to focus!

I have to agree also...God is faithful! Ever so faithful!