Monday, April 16, 2007

Amazing Support!

A huge thank you to those who sent a comment to me from Smart Habit Saturday!! Wasn't that awesome? Every time I went to check my mail - THERE was another encouraging comment sitting there for me. Thank you!

I wish I could say that I'm doing fantastic on my habit. I'm doing ok. This weekend was a bit hectic and I left a mess in that bathroom while visiting with my cousin (who stayed at my parents house). I'm not all that surprised since weekends are usually hard for me. I think the rest of the week should work out good. I did have a surprise visit when they showed up on their way out of town to pick up a dress for their little girl. So, not only did the bathroom get sparkling once again (in that 30 min dash to get the house presentable) but we also got a few other things done that needed to be done. Of course, since we had a mad dash, we did some stashing of papers and stuff. Which is always not a good thing. ugh. And, (don't laugh), after all of that, they didn't even show! God does have a humor, doesn't He? :-D

But, what a blessing to have a home in order to start your week.

And, I also want to say thank you to anyone who happened across my blog, who prayed that I would be able to share the gospel with my cousin. It took some effort as time was limited, but we had a few moments to talk while we walked by the local lake and I was able to FINALLY give my testimony personally. I spoke mostly to his girlfriend because she & I conversed well. My cousin just listened. Neither of them seemed very moved. We did half jokingly try to talk them into getting married. Oh well. May God continue to echo those words spoken in their hearts so that they will be blessed with a relationship with their creator. Amen.

Got a lot of work to do today. I think I am going to try to implement an old weekly chore list I have used this week. See if I can accomplish something around here. :-D I'm also still not done with my organizing bug. AND, when I'm in that "mood" I won't get much else done, sadly. So, we'll see where the week takes me. Oh, Friday is my little girls 2nd birthday and my inlaws (who are so sweet & SAVED!) will be coming Sunday for Church, then off to Chuckie Cheese to celebrate. Which means the disastrous playroom really needs to be taken care of before that. YIKES! It's my worst area & I really want to create some kind of system in there. We'll see...

May your week be blessed abundantly!

EDITED to say: I just realized I contradicted myself. First I said they showed up, then I said they didn't. So, total truth is that they DID show up, but they did not come inside. They just stayed in the car. I'm sorry if I confused you!

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runningtothecross said...

I have a difficult time getting things I'm right there with you.

Yesterday was a tough day, didn't get much done, and I am scrambling today to find my bathroom floor boys brought down their laundry from their bedroom (if that explains anything). All the baskets are full, so I am trying to wash a few loads of laundry to empty those baskets of dirty laundry.

The children can basically get all the floors clean for me, so now I need to do my part...the dishwasher is already running, & the laundry is going, so I have a start.

I hope you get a lot done today!