Monday, April 30, 2007

My Rules To Live By...

Mercy's Rules

1. I will seek to love God fully.
2. I will forgive. Totally.
3. I will always be of a thankful heart.
4. I will not criticize my husband or his job.
5. I will do my own job.
6. I will take pride in each job I am given, daily.
7. I will not cut corners or be lazy, but diligent.
8. I can always make time for what is important to me.
9. I will not dwell on my problems, only on what I can do today to solve them.
10. I will never give up in life, but will remember there is always hope for everything.
11. I will seek to make my home clean and comfortable.
12. I will cherish my family.
13. I will listen thoughtfully to others.
14. I will enjoy each precious moment of my life.
15. I will live as if I can see myself from eternity.

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Our Peculiar Life said...

GREAT rules! I especially love 15.