Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Update on today...

Ha ha ha ha... You're not going to believe this one!

SOoo, remember that post about my goals.

First off, my cheer...YAAY!!!
I turned off the computer right after the post & got A LOT done!
It felt so good to have the computer turned off. I felt more focused.

It's WHAT I got done that is soo funny to me.
First, I got a few chapters read in Exodus AND I did my dinner prep really early, which is FANTASTIC! That feels SO great!


I looked at - my bookshelves.

I told you I've had several places on my mind to get organized.

So, I started there.
And actually it's a little room off of the dining room & there was a LOT of black filing boxes (that were sort of organized into piles at the beginning of the year) all over the floor & such. And, a roll around cart with those stashed papers from the other day in them. Nothing was organized, but the truth is I'm not surprised I started here instead of going off of my plan - it's almost there. I'm closer to getting this area together than I am the play room. The play room is going to be a lot of work! I mean don't get me wrong, this area has been tough. But, it was kind of set up for getting organized. This will not get done today either. I will hopefully work all day tomorrow & get it at least almost done...

Well, it doesn't help either when I keep getting sidetracked. Remember how I said I had that rolling cart. We'll I've been meaning to make that a kind of organized "junk drawer". Like Org Junkie does. (sorry no links right now, just look on the side). So, then I had to clean out my closet where I've been meaning to stick this thing...Yeah, this project is going to take awhile. :-)

Anyway, I've got to get back to work.
(plus I have to shower & iron before church tonight!)

Just wanted to update you really quick...

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