Friday, June 15, 2007

Awe, to be in Love...

Get it in your head - you can't change him.
Only God can!

But, you CAN create an atmosphere for God to move. (wink, wink)

Accept your man as the greatest.
Adore him like no other!
Yes, with an adoration that makes you smile in glee that He's Yours!!
With a "He's My Kinda Man" attitude. :-D

Constantly, constantly, constantly look at his good attributes. Laugh at the other parts in good humor. See his great side until you can see nothing else. Then and only then can you begin to believe God for a change.

Are you happy with your hubby?
He'll like you too.

What can happen sometimes is inside we are angry at ourselves. Maybe really angry. [or unhappy about some part of you.] Be thankful that he's still with you in spite of your problems. Then commit yourself to stop dwelling on them. God is working problems out of all of us. Our husbands get discouraged to see us disappointed in life. So repent. :-D And, lighten up!

Never, Never, Never criticize your husband. Even in your head. Let your every thought of him be of ultimate Love. See the best in the guy of your dreams.

Be completely willing to shower him with all of your heart.
You will not regret that you did.

May God bless our marriages and homes. Amen.


LYNN said...

Very good points!

Our Peculiar Life said...

this is so true. And I need to work on some of it.

Mama said...

I agree.....and I needed to hear this as I'm failing to notice all the good things about him sometimes because I get blinded by my "expectations" of him.
It's so freeing to just be able to SHOW that love without a demand attached to it. I think that's the way to win a man!