Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A dog's tale

So, we got a dog. For a night. He was soo cute. He was a little yorkie and was swerving in and out of cars almost getting hit last night around 8pm, so hubby jumped out and chased him. The sweet dog finally turned around and just jumped into hub's arms. So, we took him around to show everyone we knew, my son named him "Roughie" and the this cute little dog just sat content in our laps all night. When we finally took him home, he took to my daughters princess bed very quickly. I gave him a bath and brushed his teeth because he stunk bad. In fact, I said we should name him stinky. The animals all gave him that look like "You're cute, but if you think you're staying you got another thing coming." He slept with the kids all night, barked at 5am for some food. That's all we heard of him the whole night. Then, at 8:30 I called the pound. His mom had already called and she was crying when I told her we had him. She had been up all night and woke early this morning to go out looking for him. So, Roughie's name is actually Max. And, he was really happy to see his mom and dad, so we're pretty sure that it was them. And that's the story of our dog we had for one night. :o)

Stat's about him:
Name- Max
Age- 1 1/2 years
Weight- 4lbs
Cute factor - *****(that's 5 stars)

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Our Peculiar Life said...

awwwwww you guys sound like great babysitters. :-) If my dog ever got lost, I would want y'all to find her! :-)