Friday, June 15, 2007

So Mama, Be Happy!

Never turn back.
Always keep walking forward.

"If Mama ain't happy,
ain't nobody happy.
So, Mama, Be Happy!"

Step 1: Peace

If you are at war within you, there is a good chance you will be at war with those around you. The only way to find peace is to surrender to God. When you have peace with God, you will have the peace of God.

Step 2: Control

Now that you have surrendered, you have to give over your ALL your rights to the Lord. Realize that self can be the enemy of God. Give up all control of your life and be willing to do anything for Him.

Step 3: Release

As life happens, things will make you mad, critical, angry, etc. Each time You Must Repent. Release your situation to God. This happens through prayer alone. These circumstances will bring you closer to your Creator. Be ready to change!

Step 4: Thanksgiving

Since life can be tough and things may not always go your way, learn to focus your thinking on the good things in your life. Be of a thankful heart. Realize you have a lot to be grateful for. "I thank You Lord, I truly thank You..." should be in your vocabulary constantly.

Step 5: Joy

These two are tied together. Joy is the result of a person who gives thanks in every situation. Even when it's difficult. It is an inner excitement that all things DO work together for good. Trick: do not worry about things past or be concerned about those things that have not come yet. This frees your mind to experience today in its fullest. So, enjoy and focus only upon those things set before you.

Step 6: Laughter

The opposite of someone who constantly complains and has a chip on their shoulder. A true to the heart, deep felt laugh will cause even the coldest of souls to change their perspective. Laughter is a gift from God. It will set the captive free!

Step 7: Love

The granddaddy of all goals - To truly know and show Love. When you have understood Gods love for us, what He has done, His heart toward His people, only then can your life radiate the tenderhearted love, which blesses with forgiveness, service and giving.


runningtothecross said...

Thanks for this post! I have been needing some encouragement and reminding of how I should be as a mother and a wife.

I have been extremely stressed and short tempered as of late...not the way I should be...this was a breath of fresh air and a wake up call!

Thanks Mercy!

Our Peculiar Life said...

I am going to copy this out for my journal. Thanks again. Love your posts and glad to see you back!

Mama said...

Awesome, wholesome reminder!