Friday, July 27, 2007

Not that anyone is out there anymore, but...

I've had a few things going through my mind that I really wanted to write, but never sat down to really get them out. I'm hoping to write some more here soon.

I seem to have lost all my friends out there in blogland. They've all decided to stop blogging for the time being, so I guess I'd better go searching for some. I think it's funny though, still, I have an average of 100 people each week visit. I don't know who's reading. It would sure be nice to have a "how do ya do" kinda comment every so often. :-) But, I understand, I used to be anonymous too!

So, for all you lurkers that maybe, just maybe, are interested in what's going on in my oh so exciting life. Here's an update: Yes, I'm puking. More than I'd like to discuss. But, I'm still feeling better than I did with my other two babies. Hub's is calling again about that job today. I should have an update either by later today, or tomorrow or Monday depending on things.

And, the most important...did I win anything yet from the greatest blog giveaway in history??

Why yes, I did. :-) Go here to check it out if you'd like.

Hope all is well in your life.


Dawn said...

Still here, Mercy, and still enjoying your blog now that we have a small amount of internet access again! Sorry to hear the morning sickness has kicked in - I remember it well. Also sorry to hear hubby didn't get the job. Perhaps God has closed the door (temporarily or not) as there is something much better ahead for your family. I've had doors close and other much more exciting ones open, so I pray this is the case for your family. Take care. Ginger biscuits might help the puking!

Dawn x

Mama said...

new here! Just wanted to pop in and tell you that!