Friday, August 03, 2007

Just trying to survive...

There are seasons where life is just plain ol hard. This is one of those for me. In every aspect, I'm literally just trying to get through this time. Being sick is not fun. It's sort of like having the flu, but it doesn't go away. Yes, I comfort myself knowing that I have a little living soul that God has blessed me with, but it can be trying even still. I know this will pass, so I hang on.


Amy said...

I suffered with severe hyperemesis with both of my pregnancies... it was awful. I don't know if that's what you have, but I can relate to the feeling of being so miserable yet thankful for the new little one. I'm saying a quick prayer for you right now!

Mercy said...

Oh Amy, you are very sweet! I actually am only "suffering" the normal morning sickness symptoms. Nothing really serious. And, this time isn't quite as bad as my other two pregnancies. I just keep looking forword to when I know everything I eat will stay down!!

Thanks so much for your prayers.
Take Care,

Kimm said...

I'll pray for you Mercy. I know you feel like you have forever to go right now but you will soon forget. I am looking forward to feeling "normal" again soon. I forget what "normal" feels like.

I am having a c-section because that's what I have had with the other three. It all started with a bad doctor who told me I had to have a c-section because my baby was over 9 lbs. If I had known better I would have forced him to allow me to try but the Lord has his plans and I have huge babies. We were going to try a v-bac with this one but we couldn't find a dr. on our insurance that didn't think we were crazy.
My c-section date is 5 days before my due date so most likely I will not go in to labor but if I do I will just go straight to the hospital and have my c-section then. All my other kids were scheduled 10 days early and that's about as early as they will do it.