Thursday, January 10, 2008


Had a dr's appointment yesterday and another ultrasound. Everything is perfect! No problems at all - he's set in the right position, he has no water in the kidneys and no problems with the placenta. We're all set to go. He's at about 5.4lbs right now. :-)

Now, onto the fun stuff.

Here are some pictures of the baby!!

I took a picture of the sonagram picture. They are both from the same picture (I took a few pictures of it to get a good one), but it's amazing! You can (if you look real hard) see his nose and his lips!!! Isn't that cool?!?!

With both of these ultrasounds, he has hidden his face with his hands. (that's what that thing is up above his nose - his hand blocking his face) and this time we caught him playing with his feet. Isn't that cute?

And, we found out...he's got hair. :-) She showed us how it was flapping in the amniotic fluid. It was so neat. Can't wait to see him!!

Speaking of that, he dropped down on Monday. Dr wasn't worried about that at all. He did a "check" and he's doing just fine. He expects I should make it at least until the 36th week, which is about the "safe" zone. He said unless I start having some real hard contractions, I'm doing a-ok.

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