Monday, February 05, 2007

Bible Reading

Somehow lately (could be from reading Candy's blog) I've developed a MIGHTY hunger for God's word. Six years ago I was born again. Actually, six years as of the date of Jan 28th, 2007. Anyway, I have read off and on, never all that faithfully. There would be a good length of time I would just pick up the Bible & flip it somewhere then read for the day. I've discovered though, it's really not the same. God made the Bible as a book. You can read it as such. It can be hard to make it through the begots, but He throws in some interesting things in there just to keep you awake. :-) Anyway, at the beginning of this month I started reading the new testament and I have now finnished Matthew AND Mark (as of this morning!) I could read all day!! Of course I can't. I've got some children to tend to. Speaking of them, I'd better go. :-D

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