Friday, February 16, 2007

Bon Voyage!

We're off to Mexico! Oh kay, we'll actually be going to San Diego, Catalina Island, THEN to Mexico!! Sound's exciting don't ya think? We'll be dropping off the kids first (I know, I'm VERY sad about this, but since it was a gift... and more than that, I'll explain here in a minute), then heading off for a week on a cruise. It's actually a celebration for my mom's 50th birthday. She gave US the gift of us going with her. Confusing I know. But, for some reason she didn't want kids. Well, it's an "adult" party with drinking and such. Of course as I've said to everyone I've talked to about this cruise, I'm hoping that the boat is big enough that we can get lost. :-D It's going to make it really tough because the phone calls are outrageously expensive, so we won't get to talk to our babies very much. But, they are with people we trust. So, they will be fine.

Anyway, I know I don't have too many who visit, but just in case you're wondering what happened to me. I'm off in the deep blue sea! Not drowning, but C R U I S I N G!!!!!

Catch ya later!

1 comment:

Kimm said...

have fun! you'll be cruising right past me.
I added you to my M.O.L. list:)