Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm baaaccckkk....

It was a lot of fun. And, not nearly as bad as I was thinking it may be. Yes, there was drinking, but there was time to witness to people too!! In fact, one of the highlights of the trip was a friend of my mom's who said she was sorry for staring at me, but it had been awhile since she saw me & she was wondering what it was that made me so happy. She said there's just something different about you!
That's a miracle!

Of course, when she asked me what it was, I gave all glory to God. That He had changed me & it wasn't that long ago I would have been drinking right along with you. (her) But, that now that Jesus lives in my heart, I don't need to drink anymore!! Yay!!!! Don't you think that's the most awesome thing?? It really does go to show, we need to show our joy. In the midst of my difficulties of laundry piling up and no money and a husband who is working hard and we miss him. I can get a sour face. Oh Lord, help me to always let You shine through. I don't know about you, but I thought that was just amazing. We did have fun though. It was like a party the whole time. We loved to watch the karaoke people. My hubby and I had a nice time just looking out at the waves in the ocean. I'd love to live near the ocean. I missed my kids. The night before coming home, I looked at some little kids & tears ran down my cheek as I thought of mine. They don't seem like they missed us too much. They had a blast the entire time just playing away. Anyway, now it's back to laundry and trying to get this house back to normal.

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