Thursday, March 22, 2007

Computer Problems

No, my computer is not breaking down. It's me. I just don't know too much about that computer language. I learned a little from a book I borrowed once, but as the old adage goes, since I wasn't using it, I wound up loosing it. I'll have to buy the book and learn in my spare time. Anyway, the reason I'm mentioning this is, I want to post my schedule up somehow and I'm trying to figure out the best way. I tried to just post it up in the blogger post box, but I lost all of my spaces in between each one and it came out a jumbled mess. So, I'm working on it.

In the meantime, I put up a To Do List on the side for today. My husband left early so I didn't need to help him too much. So, there's my list for today. Hopefully eventually I will be able to get my routine up that I am trying to stick to.

Have a great day!!

P.S. If you are curious when we plan to homeschool, these "outing days" we just take it all with us. We usually just do the reading outside that day. It makes it nice to have a different approach. This is another reason why I really enjoy homeschooling with the scripted lessons - it's so easy just to pick it up and go!


runningtothecross said...

Depending on how many spaces you need, you could do the schedule in a table on Microsoft Word and then copy and paste it in your blog. However, I was not about to post a table large enough for us, we needed 8 columns. Space is very limited on Blogger, so I went to Homeschool Blogger and posted one. You might try it, but it's not guarenteed to work!


Mercy said...

Well, duh. I think I tried to paste it, but I didn't use the tables for our schedule. I'll see what I can do here...