Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Home Cooked Meals Are The BEST!

One reason why I love homeschooling is we have more time. Time to do things together. Thank God in this busy era we can redeem the time. We have time to do those things we need to do. Like sit to listen to our children, light the candle and listen to music while we tidy up, and take the afternoon to sit in the park. We have the ability to do these things!

This morning I was able to make a wonderful home cooked meal! Simple, but home cooked nonetheless. We started shopping for more organic foods recently and we just switched to the Omega 3 eggs and Organic milk. So my eggs were delicious & healthy too! Regardless, I always try to keep us sitting together for meals. It can get trying for me personally because I revolve around my husband. And I need to be available moment by moment. For instance, he doesn't let me know what he'd like for lunch until that morning, so I'm usually dealing with hungry children, (sometimes I have issues that I get sick if I don't eat immediately too, so I'll need to snack instead of sit), and I'm usually half awake as I'm trying to run around to fulfill his requests. He's notorious about springing on me something right as he walks out the door that throws off my whole plan for the day. Needless to say, it can be tough to get us altogether for the morning meal. Dinners are not a whole lot easier. Hubby leaves at different times and comes home at all different times, so you just never know if we'll be able to have the whole family sit together. If all of us are there, we always gather around the table, without question.

I sure hope you readers don't think I'm complaining about my sweet husband. He really is great! I love him dearly!! I'm just learning to understand him. It took me a little while to figure out I was made for him and not the other way around, then after that I was overwhelmed because he seemed so hard to please. I thank God that He's showing me who he is and what he's looking for, so that I can fulfill his desires. What an awesome task! What a joy to be the woman of your husband's dreams!! Lord, I'm asking for grace and Your favor so that this would not seem so impossible. Amen.

Anyway, do take the time to enjoy the blessings God has in front of you. Homemaking is filled with opportunity to find joy hidden in. Be willing to take the time to go that extra mile so that others around you can be blessed. Oh the beauty of a home style meal! There is nothing else like it.


runningtothecross said...

It has taken me 10 1/2 years and counting to figure out my husband...the most important thing in our relationship is communication. We don't always agree on everything, but when we communicate effectively and lovingly there is a greater understanding between us both.

For a long time, I would get up and make a "sit down" breakfast for my husband which was--2 eggs, 1 slice of toast, and some kind of fried meat--his "stand up" breakfast is a egg, cheese, and meat sandwich on buttered toast. However, recently with my pregnancy and homeschooling I have been quite overwhelmed with all the tasks. Communicating these concerns to my husband helped him to understand my "weakness" during my pregnancy and eased some of my duties that seemed overwhelming--like make a sandwich every morning.

I want to do these things for him, but with homeschooling and pregnancy both, I am not as able...and he understands.

I still make him lunch and a homemade yummy dinner, which, I agree, nothing is better. So, I don't feel bad if I don't DO everything right now.

To change the subject, thanks for pointing out to me about being more specific...I edited my post so I was more specific. I have been following along with Large Family Logistics reminders (LFL yahoo group).


Mercy said...

Yes, time. It takes T I M E. I am so impatient sometimes with life going so slow. Sometimes I think I've got it "all figured out" and if we would just do THIS and THIS, things would work perfectly. But, for some reason (smile), it just doesn't wind up to work that way. For instance, he used to be DEAD against any form of organization. He didn't like being dictated by anything (including a list) or keeping things in order of any type. SLOWLY but surely he has seen the benefits of having systems in place. It has been a LONG grueling road, but every so often he mentions things (like the menu planning) that shows he's beginning to see the fact that being organized isn't so bad. :-D We are so close, it's hard for me to implement something without his whole-hearted approval. I know if I can keep pressing in & be as organized as I possibly can, he will eventually follow by my example. ANYWAY, marriage is difficult, but I love my best friend!