Tuesday, April 03, 2007


When people would ask my husband, "what does your wife do."
He would sort of fumble around for an answer and say, "well, she likes to clean, um she likes to take care of the house. You know, that kind of stuff."

Oh boy.

When I found out he'd said this to a few people, I was a bit embarrassed. Because, after all, most women can work outside the home plus do the...um... cleaning and stuff.

"Doesn't sound like she's got a life."

Well, I don't. (big smile here : - D )

But, I love my life. This is it! I get to cherish those little ones that the others just see the picture of on their desks. I get to hug and love on them hourly. How's that for a life! I love it!! I get to (try my hardest) to make a HOME. It's awesome!

Well, even still. I do find myself engrossed in many different projects, that only recently have I gotten the revelation these ARE hobbies. Things like, Cooking, organizing, making my Home Management Journal (scheduling, etc.), developing my relationship with God, and yes B L O G G I N G. (that last one is fairly new) I even throw in there a few that could very well be considered a "true" hobby: drawing (not too good, but hey it's fun!), playing guitar.

TRUTH is, my life is my hobby. Doing the daily tasks takes a lot of time. Homeschooling alone takes a considerable amount of energy (not to mention time!), even when you try to make it easy. Making a good home cooked meal takes effort to do day after day. For me, even just getting us READY for the day can be challenging sometimes!

My aim is to make my home my hobby. This is where a real peace comes in life. When Mom fulfills her duty and role as a caretaker of her dwelling place and those that dwell within. So, yes, I'd say I do possibly have a few hobbies that I enjoy, but nothing is better than having your life be your hobby!


runningtothecross said...

Amen and AMEN!!! I worked a little while I was yet a young mommy to one...I must say, I hated (note: I do NOT like this word) leaving my son every morning and missing a big part of his day. Being a stay at home mommy is the best thing that ever happened to me!!! Anyone who thinks we sit around watching soap operas while twiddling our thumbs obviously has no clue what it takes to be a domestic engineer! I LOVE my JOB! My husband and I get to be the ONLY caretakers of OUR children! It is wonderful, because I know what they do every day! My home is never, NEVER perfect...but we live here, what do you expect?

On a lighter note...I actually just edited my last post. I'm glad for my short list today, I woke up feeling terrible with a headache and sinus pressure that would NOT go away. Finally it did, only after pain meds & steam. Thanks for your continued prayers and comments! They are a lifter of the spirits!


runningtothecross said...

Okay, I'm back. To answer your question about my hamburger buns...I just posted the recipe! This is my favorite recipe for regular bread that I got from my mother who works for a public school as a head cook.


Anonymous said...

You have some good insites:-) Yes it has been a long time since we talked. I am now feeling good enough to actually clean house again,LOL. We are also doing full blast school.
I try to have about one chore per year of age for my dc, with personal care c ounting as one, and bed making counting as one. This means they dump the trash at three for their chore and it goes from there. Joy does the dishes and volenteers to do some of the pet care. though she is 15, just the dishes is a big deal in this house! She is getting good enough to beat me at it:-)