Sunday, April 01, 2007

I am a mother.

Isn't it wonderful. What else better is there than holding a precious infant in your arms wondering what they will become, then continuing with them to help them become all they are meant to be? It is a job to be treasured.

There are those women who do it all. Really. There are a few out there, without much help from there husbands or children, they keep their home tidy and seemingly have it together. I'm sure they are torn up inside, but the sense of accomplishment in their lives keeps them moving on. Their children are usually physically taken care of to the max, but most of the time they are missing a depth.

Then, there are those women who seem to have trouble keeping it together, yet they love their children. Their time is spent, many times, playing, teaching, helping, and just plain treasuring their children. Seems most of these tend to be a bit more lax in their homekeeping and many times you see them in more tattered clothes or a dirty car, etc.

Of course, these are extremes. And, I honestly do think there is a middle ground. That's where I seek to be. The same goes though with chores as well. For instance, some children go along without any tasks to be done. They may come and go as they please, leave their peanut butter and jelly mess from lunch on the table, not be responsible for putting toys away, etc. While the mother follows along wiping up the messes her little one makes. But, to the other extreme, you have the mother who would hardly lift a finger for her children as she expects them to take on the full responsibility of keeping up on the duties of the house. They may be in charge of making their bed & cleaning their rooms, picking up from breakfast, lunch & dinner, including dishes, taking out trash, and on and on. None of these are bad in themselves, but when the child(ren) have the full brunt of the homemaking duties, the mother is almost not a mother anymore. Have you seen this? The children no longer enjoy their childhood and the mother becomes a critical drill sergeant. Not a joyful home to be in.

Children should be in charge of taking care of themselves as they are able. For instance, as a toddler learns to take of their clothes for bedtime they can be taught to place them into the laundry basket. Obviously you pass on the duty of eating and brushing teeth to them as soon as they are old enough, and it happens quite naturally to TEACH them to clean up after themselves, including toys, meals, etc. This should be the base of responsibility for a child. It is my opinion that children should have at least one other chore that is called their own that helps the family.

But, the mother should be the primary caretaker. At least until her daughter is of age to begin to take over most of the womanly duties. Not to say that boys can't learn to cook or do laundry, etc., but I do believe that a young woman should learn to take over the kitchen duties fully and be able to fulfill the job of "homemaking" completely. The best way to teach her, is to allow her access to the home duties.

The mother is the homekeeper. Which includes teaching, baking, cooking, setting things in order, decorating as needed, cleaning, and forming bonds of love with your children. Of course, above all, the head of the home should be reverenced by all.

Be that mommy today. Kiss your babies boo boos. Play peek a boo. Wipe their noses when they run. Smile at your loved ones. Take care of their needs FIRST. This is what motherhood is all about. Enjoy the blessing of the children in your care.

Someday, it will all be gone...
Live like today is your last.


Dawn said...

What a lovely post! My daughter is two today and time has flown. I don't know who is more excited about her birthday - me or her. But seeing her face light up as I showed her the birthday cake was worth every little bit of effort...

Mercy said...

Hi Dawn,
Thanks for visiting!

My daughter has her 2nd birthday this month & I wholeheartedly agree...Time FLYS by!! My main reason for this post was to remind myself the job of motherhood can be taken for granted. It's such an inportant job, but very easily becomes a burden instead.

Anyway, nice to meet you. :-D