Saturday, March 31, 2007

My *New* Bible


Here's what I got:
And, I'm trying out my new html code too. :-D

Anyway, I'm excited. It's a hard bound, which I'm not used to. It's also bigger than I'm used to as well. I usually go for the pocket or compact. I'll get used to it. My bible sort of becomes a part of me. I take it everywhere. I guess it's nice when you talk to someone to have your Bible to show them where a scripture is at. Or for those small moments when you're waiting in the car, to read.
I started reading in Genesis last night. So, I'm trekking through the Bible once more. :-D

By the way, I think the cover is kind of ugly. Well, it's red & green. Seems a bit boyish to me. SO, I'm going to look around for some contact paper or maybe do the old paper bag trick with some pretty paper...Can't wait! Edited: Well, I've been looking it over and it's actually rubbing off on me. It does have a pretty flowery pattern on it that I hadn't noticed. And, the burgundy is a nice color. So, I think I'm going to keep it as is. :-D

If you only knew the agony I went through over here about WHICH Bible to get next. Oh how spoiled we are, aren't we? I mean here I am saying, no I don't want THAT one, the print is too small or whatever. Just amazing the abundance we have now, isn't it?

See you later, I'm off to read...

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