Monday, March 19, 2007

Losing Control

An art I have long lost some time ago is dispelling an argument. At one time I understood what it meant to "win" and that is - to allow God to have the situation. Have you ever found yourself in a heated discussion? And the nerve, they came against YOU! And can you believe what they said?? What they accused you of? I just want to take this moment to tell you when your mind starts rattling off such thoughts, the very first thing you need to do is STOP! Stop everything. Stop thinking even for just a moment. Now, begin to think again, but this time think DIFFERENTLY. First of all, they are probably right, if they know you at all. Be thankful that they care. Maybe they just don't know how to express their concern for you and instead of praying for you or gently speaking to you about this issue, they begin to point out your faults. Remember, you ARE human. You do have PLENTY of faults to be pointed out. BE THANKFUL that they are pointing them out to you. :-D Now that you have humbled yourself and realize that you are not perfect and neither are they, you can now direct yourself to the One who is perfect. Or it could be, just maybe you are thinking straight and they are just jabbing at you making absolutely no sense. Sometimes this happens when the person is completely ignoring the truth. They have nowhere to go, so they begin to point the blame. In this case, there is ABSOLUTELY NO POINT IN ARGUING ANYHOW. They just need to work the whole thing out with God Himself. All you can do is gently direct them to the truth, keep cheerful and PRAY.

The main point in each of these cases is to FIRST get your heart right, THEN pray for the situation. There is no other way. Everything else is just fleshly fruit which will not profit you for the better. Guarantee it. :-D

So, from here on out, lose control...the right way!

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For a Season said...

Thank you for this word. The reminder was sorely needed right now.