Friday, April 13, 2007

Toilet Cleaning 101

When I first "grew up" I had not a clue how to take care of a home. I don't remember ever mopping or even seeing my mom mop too often. She had a housekeeper that came while she worked which explains it I guess. I knew somehow that you used that brush thingy when cleaning the toilet and that was about the extent of my understanding. It wasn't until (of all things) my HUSBAND one time was talking about getting a pumice stone to help clean the toilet that I REALLY realized that these toilet things need to be cleaned regularly! Obviously HE knew how to clean them, so I needed to take notes & learn this skill.

Well, I did. And, I've learned much in the way of cleaning. Of course there's much more to a home than just the cleaning part, homemaking is a way of doing things. But, nonetheless I've learned some tricks along the way. One trick is in the toilet cleaning department.

Cleaning a toilet doesn't have to be a drag. Actually, it can be a pretty quick and easy thing to do. First things first, get yourself an automatic bowl cleaner and you will never again have to use the brush. (or a dumb ol' pumice stone!) They really are not too much, considering you will have to spend for cleaning either on this or on a type of cleaning agent. If you are one who would rather use the vinegar (or bleach), put it in the bowl right before you go to bed at night (put down the lid for safety) & in the morning just flush. I haven't tried it, but I've heard it works. Having the toilet cleaned automatically works for me like a charm. In fact, I barely even think about cleaning the thing.

Of course, if your home is anything like mine, if you don't catch the outsides it will become germ infested because of certain people (we'll just leave them nameless) who may miss the bowl. Plus, for whatever reason it seems that dust and yucky hair can settle if you don't make a routine to keep it cleaned off. Any tricks here? Glad you asked! I used to find myself waiting until the thing was nasty to clean it off, thinking that it was such a huge endeavor. But now, I've realized a little toilet paper (or a lot depending on where it is on the yucky factor!) when you notice something that needs to be wiped on the side (or where those hinges are at too) can work wonders and quick too! How easy is that to keep it at least ascetically clean? Just swipe it down and throw the TP into the toilet.

Now, obviously you really do need to use some type of disinfected regularly. But, it's best even then to wipe first with the toilet paper (to get that fuzz away) then to use the cleaner to make sure those germs are gone. To make life easier I use the wipes. I keep them in my bathroom so that it's convient for me to scrub down the toilet anytime. A great time, in fact, is during the children's bath time. Or even right before you jump in the shower, since you can sometimes feel a bit grimy after cleaning the toilet. Who wants to clean the toilet & go eat lunch. Instead, do it before you bathe.

Whatever way you choose to do it, it is important to get it done. For health reasons most importantly of course but also for visitors. People are alone in the bathroom for just about the only time during the course of the visit and it is a time of thought. While alone in the bathroom their thoughts cannot help but think about that visit. Our homes are an extension of us and that does include the bathroom. If there is anywhere you want to focus before a visitor comes it would be the bathroom. Make it shine! As my mother in law said once when she showed up for an unexpected visit, "The rest of the house can be a wreck so long as the toilet is clean you're ok!"

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runningtothecross said...

I like to use wipes too! And the bleach does work...I use it at naptimes and I put some in the tank as well.

You can actually make your own wipes with 1-2 T pine sol, 1 1/2 cups water, 1/2 roll of Bounty paper towels (if your husband is a wood worker like mine, he can cut them in half with the band saw, otherwise a sharp knife or an electric knife will work). Just be careful, you can cut yourself...I never have (before we had the bandsaw), but we must always be mindful. Also the paper towel HAVE to be Bounty paper towels...nothing else will work, trust me!