Thursday, April 12, 2007


Edited to say: I have moved my habits from Monthly to Weekly.

What a sense of calm habits can give you. They can be an anchor in a hectic day. As I've said before I have a very difficult time establishing them. I'm a slow learner. I liked what I read the other day from Marcia's blog that yes it takes about 30 days (for me!) to establish a habit, but you can lose it in 3 days. (disclaimer here: I'm working off of memory so I know I'm not quoting her correctly!) Anyhow, I've decided to begin posting the habit I am working on each month. One habit. Yes, there are many I'd like to focus on, but I'm sticking with one each month and if I have to I'll revisit them.

Every single one of these habits I have already established at one time or another. I had been successful, but then I slowly drift away. So, I'll be back to working on those probably again and again until it comes naturally. I've heard that it really does eventually work. (somebody encourage me here!) :-D

I posted a little chart on my fridge (along with a calendar, memory verse and weeks menu). So that I can check it off each day when I've accomplished it. Oh and I also signed up for This e-course to help me along a little. :-)

A little more encouragement from a few sources for you (if you'd be interested): The Lazy Organizer has a Smart Habit Saturday. And I can't leave Laura out. She has a small blip about Establishing a habit with spring. Can you tell I'm in the "organizing mood"?? I've always been a lurker at these organizing blogs, but I find myself drawn to them while I'm working over here. They are there to walk me through this. :-)

So, won't you join me in establishing a habit in your own life?


runningtothecross said...

Sorry...I have a hard time establishing habits.

But....wait. I have determined to read in the Bible every day, there's one habit. I have also determined to run the dishwasher every day...Habit 2...I usually have to run it twice a day. I get dressed every day...Habit 3. I school my children every day...Habit 4. I check my blog to see what's for dinner every day...Habit 5.

However, following a cleaning routine is not one of my strengths; but I do know that as I grow closer to God (by reading His Word) will also change my mind. It will change my mind and my heart, that will make me more aware of the cleaning that I need to do everyday.
Good stewardship is an attribute of a child of God.

So there you have it.


Mercy said...

Weelll, I guess I have established at least one habit. I have been reading my bible daily, even if some days it's just a chapter at the end of the day. And, I have noticed that the other habits I've been trying to establish have been easier since I've gotten that one down. I've gotten to the point that I normally run the dishwasher and one load of laundry per day. I almost always have my son do his schooling. Even if I don't get to do some of the subjects with him. But, I have plenty more habits that I really do need to keep working on so that I get them "down pat". The main reason why I'm working specifically on certain habits is to be more consistant in my life.

That's the plan anyway!

Thanks for the comment Heather. :-)