Friday, March 16, 2007

Why I write on this blog...

This is a question I have to answer for myself.

I started this blog by chance because I found the name matches perfectly with what I wanted to do with it. I was amazed when I found it to be honest. SO, since I had the setup, I figured I may as well use it. I intended at first to just use it for myself to keep track of my favorite blogs I read, but then as I began to write I found out just how fun it is. And, to think that maybe someone might actually enjoy reading mine as much as I like reading others? Who knows. My prayer is that I will use it properly. I pray for those who visit each day. I also try to pray as I post, that God would use it for His Glory. Somehow, despite how messed up I am, I know my purpose is to live my life for His name's sake. Anyway, another prayer is that I don't get caught up too much that I lose site of my true treasure, which is this home and those who dwell in it.

So, whoever you are out there, thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll stay awhile.

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