Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yes, Just call me "SideTracked"

Well, amazingly enough, I did NOT finish my grandpa's book. I can't wait until it's done though, because it's beginning to haunt me. And, Jesus set me free from seeing ghosts. :-D What my deal is I don't know. I do this every so often where I can't get myself to focus on one thing for the LIFE of me!! Well, actually, let me take that back. I wind up getting focused on ONE thing & I can't think about ANYTHING else!

Today it was a few prayer pages in the back of my Bible. It only makes sense to have your prayer list inside your Bible, don't you think. But I couldn't just stick any list in there, it had to be organized according to where I know the people from and then of course I need a list of things to pray for them. Oh and you know what would be REALLY cool, how about putting up a place to record a weekly list of specific prayers and praise reports. Oh and, what about all those people I meet all the time, that visit Church or I witness to, I need a spot to keep their names so that I can pray for them. And, I'd love to have some scriptures and things to praise God about, hmm, maybe a list of all the things God has set me free from...

Oh yeah, it WAS that bad!

And, yes, it did take a long time. Too much time. That's why I couldn't rationalize blogging when I had been on the computer for so long working on this endless project. It turned out really cool, but boy, if you knew how often I get caught up in these little "mini" projects...ugh. And we're not going to mention the fact that I REALLY should have been working on Grandpa's project...umm...ANYWAY, so that was my day. How about yours?

You want to see it? Let's see if I can do this...
UGH...Can't figure it out yet. I'll keep trying.

In the meantime, please read my disclaimer about today's post below. (sMiLe)

Let me make this clear. My intention of this post is not to make it ok to be sidetracked, but merely to be honest with you. My mindset for this blog is to inspire, not to make excuses. I should have gotten my work done, yet I found myself working feverishly on another project. This happens ENTIRELY too often. This is just who I am. I'd love to be someone different, yet I continually come back to being me. :-D

So, whoever you are out there...nice to meet you...
My name is "SideTracked."

P.S. One of these days I'll figure this setup out and I'll show it to ya. Until then, just make your own! :-D


runningtothecross said...

I love it, someone just like me!!!
Talk about sidetracked!!! Yesterday was my 2nd oldest daughter's 5th birthday...well I needed to do the homeschooling with my school agers, BUT...I got sidetracked! Yesterday was her birthday!!!(March 28) So what did I HAVE to do? I made her a birthday dress...a new tradition around here. I made my oldest daughter (6) a birthday dress for her last birthday, so I HAD to make a dress for my second oldest daughter!

I think we will make-up school on Saturday. ;0)

Anyway, talking about a prayer list...one of my friends in college used to put her list of prayers in the shower! Of course it was in plastic, but she would actually pray while she was taking a shower!
I thought that was a novel idea to share!

I don't know if you have been over to Flylady's website, but she calls us SHE's (Sidetracked Home Executives). That's me in a nutshell.

My husband and I have an ongoing joke around here, we call getting sidetracked--getting lost. I will ask my husband if he got lost and he will respond, "No, I know exactly where I am!"


Mercy said...

LOL That's funny! I get "lost" all the time too. :-D

I'm so glad I'm not alone. Though, I do only have two kids and well, I don't sew or garden so I do feel like I don't quite have the excuse you do. Oh well...

Yes, I've been meaning to visit back to flylady's site just to remember. I actually found her site around 4 years ago or so. The ideas are right. But I prefer Candy's site and Large Family to flylady just because they refresh your soul too. :-)

And I love the idea of the shower list. Though I probably wouldn't be as faithful on that. I wish I could be the type to shower every morning - I wind up doing it in the afternoons (when baby's asleep) and I'm just hurring to get it done.

That is SO special to have a new dress made each year for your dds! They will remember that forever...

That's worth a day off of school, I think. :-D

Have a great day!