Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ahh,'s just been one of those days...

So, anybody happen to know how to remove silly putty from an almost 2 year old girls' hair?

Uh huh, it's mushed in nice and good, a great big ol' blob of it.

Anyone had any experience by chance?

Update: YAY!! She fell asleep with it in her hair this afternoon, thankfully it didn't get too much worse. But, my husband came home with a big ol squeeze bottle of mayonaise, and it took the stuff right out! Hurray for mayonaise!!


Kimm said...

Peanut butter works best. Or you could try mayo. I was constantly getting gum stuck in my hair when I was little. If all else fails there is always the scissors:0

Thanks for the store info.xxkbvi

Mercy said...

We're still working on it over here...

May just have to bust out the scissors. I'd hate to have her first "hair cut" be from silly slime. :-(

Did you ever find it?
And, um, what's that funny lettering at the end of your message? I'm not too sharp in the internet jargon computereze language, if you know what I mean.

Thanks for the ideas!

Mercy said...

LOL, I was just thinking maybe it's some secret message I'm missing out on or something, but you probably just hit a few keys while you were eating grapes and talking to your youngest or something. I know I can do things like that. :-D