Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bible Reading

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I picked this picture because it reminds me of my daily time with God. I always have my Bible & Coffee with me. ;o)

Yay! I finally made it through Exodus. This is only "officially" my 2nd time through the Bible. I may have read more, but I didn't really start reading from start to finish for awhile after I got saved. I used to just sort of pick it up, maybe read through a book, maybe just read a chapter here or there. But, it's so nice to really "SEE" the Bible unfold. And, it's amazing God really does speak to you while you read about how the Tabernacle was built, etc.

One piece of advice I would give to anyone just starting out to read the Bible is JUST DO IT. I realized part of why I would skip around so much is because I would have questions about the Bible or about God as I was reading & I didn't have the answer, so I would quit. What I do now (and now I have faith that God really DOES answer your questions you have), but if I'm really stuck in an area and I just can't get past a question, I will go into psalms for a little while until I am ready to go back to my same spot in the Bible. I know my spot is waiting for me while I get right with God and in the meantime, I praise Him! I honestly don't find myself doing this as often as I used to. But, I had a really hard time with Job and I had a really hard time with some of the prophet times when Mama's would get so desperate they were eating their children...ewe. I still am SOO grossed out by that!! And, I have a hard time understanding. Anyway, just a suggestion that worked for me.

My husband has been leading our Bible Study in our home for over a year now. What's funny is I remember before he was doing it, I wanted him so badly to, then once he did step in to do it, I had such a hard time accepting the way he was doing it. He would just open the Bible & that's where we would read. He's gotten a little better as I have testified to him the blessing of reading from cover to cover, he's started too. Anyway, I do feel blessed, regardless of how he chooses to lead us, that I have a man who loves the Lord.

Whether you read to your children or your husband leads at night (or morning!), remember to keep them in the word!! It's easy to let this slide when things change in your household. This can easily slide as a priority, because there is always soo much to do.

But remember to read & reread God's word to your children. (And on your own!)

You will not regret the time spent!

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runningtothecross said...

A timely reminder! I was reading to my children for a while, then things got really busy...I need to get back into it. Especially now that my oldest son is almost finished with math...Yeah!!!

Math is our most time consuming subject...reading the Bible to my children is necessary but can be challenging. Again...thanks for that little tap on the shoulder!