Friday, April 20, 2007

Homeschool Questions

This post is in regards to Kimm's question about our homeschool.

It's funny that you asked about the Charolette Mason "method" because I had received a few books about a month or so ago & I'm TRYING to read through them. This is actually my first real study on her teaching. But, I agree with most of what I have read thus far.

As far as My Fathers World, I have never looked at it myself so I can't help you there.

I did a post awhile back on the materials we are using now & my outlook of homeschooling entitled I love homeschooling which will help you a little. I have generally leaned on the more relaxed method of homeschooling, mostly because I feel God is teaching us self-discipline first. (together as a family). I don't believe this is the only way to go for homeschool. And, I have to say now that my son will be entering into 2nd grade I do feel like we are starting to get more "serious" in our academics. I LOVE to learn and I love to teach and I love the relationship homeschooling gives my children & I. I fall back on any type of curriculum that stretches him and teaches him even beyond what he is capable (of course without making him discouraged) and anything that builds that bond for us.

If I had my perfect school curriculum it would include the following:

-History would be cronological starting at God's beginning & the study would be put into perspective from what He thinks about each event.
-It would be scripted (actually, I think it should be written directly to the student)
-Science would be immersion type learning. Meaning that you learn as much and as deep as you are able for a long period of time, in order to really soak up as much as your mind allows.
-I really like narration and discussion for english. (that's a charlotte mason method)
-The three R's are very important to me as well. For us they need to be easy enough that we will be faithful to it each day. (just enough to keep you going, if you know what I mean.)

Hmm, there's more. I'm having a hard time thinking here. These 5 are the most important I think though for me. Whenever I look at a curriculum, the first thing I do is look at the science and history right away. I know that English & Math are very important, but to me Science & History are really express a moral viewpoint that will be established in the younger years. I need to know where the curriculum stands right away. :o)

I like the Thomas Jefferson Education theory, The Moore Academy and from what I've read thus far, the Charlotte Mason method. I also like the more classical studies as well. I loved reading Teaching The Trivium which placed a much higher ephasis on English than I ever would have aside from reading that book. Oh, and unit studies are great too. We did Student of The Word (SOW) for awhile which I really liked, but for some reason we kind of slowly went away from that one. We also did Weaver, which I loved - it was just too much prep work for me. I was one of those people they warn you not to be. I tried to do EVERYTHING they suggested.

And, just to really throw you for a loop, I've recently been looking at K12. I met a boy my sons age who was going through their virtual school & I decided to check it out. I'm actually very impressed. The material is challenging, interlocking (sort of like unit study type), chronological in history and I actually liked it more than I thought I would. It's pretty pricey if you don't go through the states public virtual schooling, in which case everything would be free. And, of course they have a world perspective which is just disappointing.

So, that in a nut shell is just a touch of my opinion of homeschooling methods. I could go on and on. But, hopefully that answered a little bit of your questions. If not, oh well. I did try. :o)

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