Sunday, April 22, 2007

Who would have thought?

Well, apparently my 2 year old thinks this guy is the devil himself.

He sure doesn't look too bad to me. But, I have now become a mother who has imparted a tormenting fear into my poor daughters heart. She talked for hours afterword saying the words over and over"...chuck e, scared...chuck e scared" My young daughter will never be the same again. She is probably scarred for life. I did it out of ignorance. Honest. I had no idea the effect it would have on her. She was terrified.
And, now I guess I know.
Oh a brighter note, she did have a great birthday otherwise. Her grandparents (each of them, including great grandpa too!) came to give her gifts, eat cake, watch her run around with her brother and cousins from one game to a ride and all over the place. Proud parent here as I show off, um I mean brag, no...hmm..., TELL of my daughters ability to blow out her OWN candles, no help what so ever! uh huh! That's right. She also needed not a smidgen of help tearing the wrapping off of the gifts she got. Oh, except to give EVERY little piece she tore off to someone so that they could help keep the whole "show" tidy. That's my girl!
Overall, it was a BUSY day in the Lord. I am so thankful even still that we did celebrate on a Sunday because my inlaws (my daughters grandparents, yeah I know, duh) we're able to visit church where they are so much like family to everyone. It's worth it to me that we didn't get a whole lot of "rest" time today since they were able to fellowship for a little.
And, just for the record I am doing GREAT in my new habit so far.
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runningtothecross said...

A young child (especially 2 yo) is typically scared of Chuck E. Cheese...take it from an, not trying to be prideful...but I've been through it alot. We went to Chuck E. Cheese's for my 8 yo son's birthday and my two daughters (3 & 5) were terrified of him too!

Who wouldn't be terrified of someone dressed up as a giant rat (or mouse)?

I wouldn't worry too much about it, my 2 daughters are still terrified of dogs, but my 5 yo is coming around. She is finally playing with kittens, that's a big step for her.

Glad you had an enjoyable day, anywho!


runningtothecross said...

Me again!

I just wanted to let you know that I have awarded you with the Thinking Blogger Award. As I have read through your blog, you have made me think and really examine my heart.

I received this award over at my other blog, here is the address.

With this award, you are to turn around and award it to 5 other bloggers that have made you think. Don't get overwhelmed, just do what you have time for...I haven't gotten all 5 of mine passed out yet, so I am still searching as I have time.

If the my address is cut off, I can email it to you. I will have to send the image to you anyway.


Mercy said...

Wow. Thank you. I am so honored. It's funny because I am really blabbing to myself on my blog, but it makes me feel like I'm not so much of a nut when there are other people on the other side. If I wasn't writing on my blog, I'd be writing this stuff down somewhere on little scraps of paper. This way, at least it does stay organized. And, apparently I'm not alone in needing the encouragement here, which makes me feel a little better.

So, what exactly do I do?

And, since you said you are having trouble finding others who have not already been chosen, I assume that those links I have on the side of my blog are already taken, eh? I don't wander too much out there because frankly I don't have the time. I KNOW there are a ton of amazing women blogging & I'd love to spend the time soaking up their knowledge, I just can't. I spend enough on this "time waster", if you know what I mean. ;o) I try to visit around 3 or 4 blogs daily, the rest I check on sometime during the week. That's about it. Soo, I may have some trouble here as well trying to find blogs.

Yes, give me an email when you get a chance & we'll talk. :o)

Thank you again Heather!

Mercy said...

Duh, I was so overjoyed that you nomnitated me, I forgot to respond to your first comment. :-)

Nope, I don't think you're prideful at all. That's why I "hang out" with friends who have lots of littles. They DO know some things (wink, wink).

And I agree, he is a bit scary. Poor her, I felt so bad. Especially because Chuck E decided to pat her on the back even though she was petrified. She really freaked out at that point. (..sigh..)

I think, despite the terror, she did have a great day even still. And, hopefully she won't remember this for the rest of her life. :o)

Take Care,