Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm tired.

And really, is it any wonder? I've been posting about how busy life has been for me. So, why is it that I'm fighting the urge to be hard on myself for wanting to rest a little this morning and just curl up to read my Bible. Really, sometimes you just need to stop and take a break. Yes, I have dishes in my sink. But, I need to first be refreshed, then I can kick those dishes & the other housework out fast. Right now, I'm dragging. They can wait.

As I began to post yesterday, I had big plans for this week, but slowly they seemed to be pushed out of the way. I've had a bug to get my home organized once again. But, because of all the other things going on, I simply don't have the energy nor the time to focus on these projects. I may be able to squeeze a drawer in here and there, but I don't think I'll be able to accomplish all that I had set my mind to. At first I was frustrated because of all that is going on, but then I realized I can't be. Everything that is happening is from the hand of God and they are all very important things. Having a birthday lunch with someone new in the faith, is not to be taken for granted. Who knows the impact that will affect in the kingdom of heaven? Also, in the evenings we are going to a "baby" church in our fellowship's revival they are having. This also is something that will last beyond me and MY life. This may impact eternity as well. Anyway, I'm saying all of this, because we need to keep things into perspective. Yes, life seems difficult right now. I feel like I am being pulled and I'm tired, but this will not last, but the effects of this time WILL last, so I need to remember to keep my attitude up. :-D

How is your life affecting eternity right now that maybe you hadn't thought about?

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runningtothecross said...

Life is busy...period. I know that I have been busy these last few days with company & such. Sometimes you just need to STOP. And like you said before REFRESH yourself. Keep your eyes upon Christ and not let this busyness distract you from eternity.

Hey & I understand the menu thing...I have been on a menu for about a month or so now. It has been a blessing, but I usually am home. I don't really get out much because it is difficult to take 6 children anywhere, not that they aren't well behaved in public...it is just too much for my nerves.

When things slow down, and you can think...then maybe organization and a menu...but until then, do what you can.

If you ever need any help with the menu thing, send me an email & I will help if I can. (I plan to post about my menu planning again, it will be on remaking leftovers...how I do it.)