Friday, April 20, 2007

Smart Habit Saturday

Well, I give myself a big whoppen
for this weeks habit.
Oh kay, maybe an F+ for a little effort.
Yes, yes, I failed miserably this week.
Oh well. I did have the courage enough to try at least, right?
Should I put myself through the agony again this week??
Ok, I will.
Hmmm...what should I work on this week? Something EASY, really EASY for me to accomplish. I need a boost, because I'm feeling pretty miserable from this last week. Let me think here...
Oh kay, I'll do "make my bed" as this weeks new habit. I'm about 4 (maybe 5 depending) out of the 7 days now on average, so hopefully I can do that one. I hope anyway.
Anyone else care to join in as I make a fool out of myself here?
If so, click HERE to visit The Lazy Organizer and sign on up!
Shh, don't tell anyone but I'm only participating for the prizes! :o)


Our Peculiar Life said...

ROFL!!! I got an F+ this week too! I'm with you this week...have a better one, k?

The Lazy Organizer said...

You're too funny! And you know you are not a failure! It is a little humiliating isn't it? But at least we're trying! I'm sure you'll do great with your bed-making this week. Never give up!

An Ordinary Mom said...

F is for finally wanting to do better this week :) !! Good luck, you can do it!

Kara said...

You're not a failure, cuz you didn't give up :) Good luck this wek!

Michelle said...

Yeah, I didn't do too well either. I think we all have weeks like those. You're not a failure because you're still going! Good luck with making your bed this week, you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Give yourself a break. It's not failure unless you quit. And even if you only accomplish 1/2 of what you set out to that's more than you would have accomplished if you didn't try at all.