Wednesday, May 09, 2007

100th Post - 100 things about me!

In honor of the “thing to do” when you hit 100 posts, here is 100 things about me. (I can't believe I've hit 100 already!!)

100 Things about me Post.
1. I think this idea is a bit egotistical.
2. So is the idea of a blog in my opinion.
3. But, even still - I enjoy writing my thoughts out there for others to comment on.
4. I love my life, yet get discouraged easily about circumstances that happen.
5. I'm not as thankful as I'd like to be.
6. And I have SOO much to be grateful for.
7. I have a crush on my husband.
8. I miss him a lot & wish he were home more often.
9. Yet, I forget to be cheerful when he is.
10. My children are growing up faster than I want.
11. I am blond & blue eyed, size 9 (ha, I flux between 8-10)
12. I wear jeans. Yep. I know. If you stop reading my blog I understand.
13. I wish I wore more skirts.
14. My house has brake lights on it. LOL.
15. But, even still I am BLESSED for it.
16. I'd love to show pictures, but it's a scary world.
17. I'm an undercover organizer. I'm actually driven beyond sanity at times.
18. I am often nervous when there's a knock at the door because of the condition of my home.
19. Yet, people who visit with some notice would never know that.
20. I see birds - LOTS of them, out my window every day.
21. I often cry when looking at them because they are God's gift to remind me of all my blessings.
22. I like to write. A LOT. Too much sometimes.
23. I have a bazillion notes and charts & pages of schedules stuffed in a box.
24. I'm unorganized.
25. But, I get a “high” trying to make things work.
26. I try to light a candle & put on nice music before my husband comes home each night. And, it blesses all of us.
27. I love God.
28. I hate the computer sometimes.
29. I go back and forth about having another child, constantly.
30. My family lives nearby, which is nice.
31. I listen to talk radio too much.
32. I wish I could draw, bake better, and that I were more musically inclined.
33. I love the outdoors & wish I lived in a really GREEN area.
34. I don't. :-)
35. My son still hasn't seen the ocean.
36. I grew up vacationing all the time.
37. We rarely go on any type of trips.
38. We're planning a surprise visit to Disneyland sometime this year for my son.
39. My children have WAYYY too many toys!
40. Including a trampoline, swing set, outdoor playhouse, sandbox & bikes.
41. All of which has been given to us by others.
42. Almost everything we own, except our bookshelves, have been given to us or bought secondhand.
43. I've gotten too stuck-up though to purchase certain things secondhand.
44. And when I do, I am a freak about making sure it's clean.
45. I have a hard time talking to strangers about anything but the gospel.
46. My husband doesn't like me talking to men unless I have to.
47. I'm glad he's like that.
48. We believe in God's healing.
49. I've been healed by Him, more than once.
50. I can't sing too well, my voice cracks too much.
51. I love to worship God.
52. I love kids.
53. I miss watching kids in my home.
54. I love the benefits of a large family.
55. I was an only child.
56. I'm selfish & self-centered.
57. I am interested in learning more on natural healing.
58. I complain too much sometimes.
59. My hearts desire is to live an example of love.
60. But, it's a hard life to try to live.
61. My kitchen is VERY small.
62. Out of our 6 drawers, only one actually is working right.
63. Yes, my husband has tried to fix them more than once.
64. We don't do arts and crafts.
65. I love them though- maybe someday we will?
66. I get upset sometimes more than I paddle.
67. I want to be a better mom.
68. I'm proud of my son & really enjoy my daughter.
69. I love “tricks” that make life easier.
70. But I don't have enough to participate in Works For Me Wednesday.
71. Blogging takes more time that I'd like to spend on it.
72. And, I may not keep my blog around forever because of that.
73. I jump to change things without thinking too often.
74. I rearrange things at least once every few months.
75. We have lived in every room besides the kitchen & bathroom.
76. Yes, we were in the living room at one time.
77. I am thankful for our door now.
78. I judge others more than I'd like to.
79. I love reading.
80. I never read fiction.
81. I think it's useless and I try to keep my kids away from it.
82. Oh yeah, I'm that strange.
83. Even stranger, we don't own a TV.
84. The only thing I think I would actually watch consistently is the cooking shows.
85. I covet when I watch the home shows & I have to repent.
86. But, I still watch them to get inspired.
87. This month our family has been sleeping in until almost 9 each morning.
88. None of us like to sleep in, but the bed just feels soo good.
89. I love the idea of drinking tea and do every so often, but not regularly.
90. I drink coffee each morning while reading & praying.
91. I don't drink coffee if my husband doesn't make it in the morning.
92. My husband loves 80's music.
93. I grew up listening to hard rock and rap.
94. I only listen to worship music now.
95. I used to smoke weed and drink.
96. I thank God for His deliverance!
97. I didn't go to church when I was growing up.
98. I go to church at least 3 times per week now.
99. We have 2 cats, a dog, some fish & a frog.
100.I am out of things to say about me.

That was tough. And that's probably more than you wanted to know about who I am. Hope that helps put a "face" to who I am for you. Maybe some day I'll get brave and put a picture up. Who knows. :o)


Our Peculiar Life said...

#s 1&2 made me laugh, I do #29 too, I completely agree with #48, I was #55 too! Thanks for sharing, I loved reading it!

Katie said...

This was the sweetest list - I nodded and laughed and got teary...I am blessed because of it - thank you for sharing!

runningtothecross said...

I still consider you a friend. Hey, we all did stupid stuff when we were young and even now!!! Nobody's perfect!!!

I am strange, too!!! I used to go around singing the "People are Strange" song. ;O)

I'm organized in my brain, but I have trouble showing it visibly.

I always imagined you as a brunette! I used to be blond, then I quit highlighting my hair. Now I am light-medium brown with brown eyes. Although, I sometimes consider putting highlights in my hair again just to give it some variation...I sometimes think it looks like I am wearing a helmet!!!

Anyway, I have been lost long enough. I am still cleaning for company! I got discouraged and thought I would make a visit over here! I am glad I did!!!

Have a great day!