Thursday, May 10, 2007

Must get laundry done...

I have been dealing with this scary monster for far too long. But, it seems there is always something else taking my focus.

A sweet little old lady has started coming to our church just had a cataract surgery and her husband who has been in the hospital for 6 months is coming home today. So, she's struggling. And, I want to help her. I've spent a few hours just talking with her today. I had planned to go help her, but it turned out better for me to just stay here. Then there's my mom who needs some help getting some things done since she's had her surgery. AND, we are going to the high school to invite some kids to a church play we are doing Friday.

It's a constant struggle for me. I know my heart needs to be at home. I need to focus on the making of my family & keeping our lives together. Yet, it seems God continually sends situations in my life that take me out of my home.

Amazingly though, I have gotten a few loads done and a few things accomplished even in the mist of this confusion & chaos. SO, I guess we just take it day by day as things come & try to keep our focus. Right? Right. ;-)

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Katie said...

I found your blog via a rabbit trail from one blog to another and the title of your blog told me I'd find something kindred here...yup! Your post sounds JUST like me these days...wondering why God takes you away from the comfort of Home-Keeping sometimes...I'm not sure yet, and haven't learned what He is teaching me on this yet...something about balancing my life by keeping it Christ-centered, I think. Loved this post, and will be taking more time to read your others! Thank you!!