Friday, May 25, 2007

Back to the basics

One thing I have been doing this week is thinking on some of the systems that worked well for our family that maybe we haven't be doing. Seems that since the beginning of the year we have been going & going and I hadn't really had the time to "get down to business" in our home. Turning the computer off for awhile has given me that time. :-)

As I thought about it, I knew I was having a laundry issue, but what were some of the things that were causing that? Purging is a must when you are overwhelmed. But, most importantly I learned that you NEVER move anyone away from where they undress/dress. All of us had this issue going on. Clothes were everywhere! I've since switched the bedrooms and now each bedroom has it's own laundry basket right next to the bed. I am going to be very diligent about our bedrooms from now on. This is one place that chaos can form without diligence. And, to me it's one of the most important areas! We need a sanctuary. Our rest should always be peaceful. This does not happen without taking care to address our bedrooms, daily. I've always been a big advocate about making sure our bedrooms do not have ANYTHING in them except a bed & clothes. That's it. (ok, maybe one thing that makes you smile too - for married peoples this needs to include something that is bonding!) This has been the only way I have been able to keep the rooms in order. I've tried having toys, storage, etc. in them, but it just does not work. You have to realize too, we do not have a whole lot of indoor storage, so this requires a sacrifice for me. It is worth it though to have a place of rest.

Another thing that I had gotten away from was my weekly work. I found myself neglecting so many things, not to mention always feeling behind. When I do my weekly work I tend to be ahead and much more prepared. So, back to each day having a particular job to work on.

Here's how my week goes. It's similar to most everyones, but it works for us...

M- Mom & Dad's Laundry

T- 7yo does his laundry
Chop Veggies/cook meat
Kitchen/Laundry room

W- Towels & Bathmat
Clean purse

Th- 2yo dd's Laundry
Clean car

F- Bedding

Usually by Wednesday I'm behind. But that's ok, eventually I get to the end of the week. Those first two are really the most important. We need clothes & food, right? Anyway, I am learning to look to those things that DID work when I find myself struggling. There IS a reason. Always. We just need to find what the reason is, then we can solve the problem. :o)

Have a great week!

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