Saturday, May 19, 2007

Breaking Free From Computer Addiction!

I'm not sure how to put this into writing, but I will try.

I've been off of the computer for an entire week. It has been a completely different week! It all just sort of happened so I wasn't able to really post to tell you all. I am planning to do the same this week. I will continue to check in every so often with a little note of what's on my mind. Isn't that really what blogs are all about? :-D

So, the benefits of not having a computer...

I have without a doubt spent more quality time with my children. That has been the biggest change that I have noticed. Before they seemed to be put in some ways on the wayside. Oh yeah, I would make sure I'd get the list checked off of everything I needed "to do" with them. And I would (especially if I wasn't on the computer) stop what I was doing to give them a hug, etc. But, what I have experienced this week has been wonderful! And I know my children think the same. We spent more time enjoying each other. I even got some exercise by jumping on the trampoline with them, which feels soo great!

Things were not perfect this week. I did not accomplish as many chores as I would have like to. I had a bit of an emotional problem. You know, hormones kick in and you go from feeling sad to happy in 2 seconds flat. So, that kind of threw me for a bit of a loop. Plus, it was just different. I found myself for the first few days whenever I got a break during my day, I would head for the computer. Thankfully in that moment, I didn't have to choose. My husband had the mouse. :-D I just would plop down with my babies and read or I would organize a project.

Besides the TIME I redeemed by making this decision, I also found my FOCUS was redeemed. I was able to spend my thoughts on "making my home." Not just on learning, or researching or whatever it is I'm doing online all the time. It seems like many times I'm trying to solve all my problems without working them out for myself personally. What I mean by that is reading & reading can only get you so far. You have meditate on what EXACTLY would work for YOUR home.

Then DO it.
I was able to do that this week without distraction!

I know not everyone out there has this terrible addiction to the computer as I do. But, I'm sure I'm not the only one. And, this week has been refreshing!! For me it seems to go in waves. I will have no problem staying off of them computer for awhile, but when I do get on, it seems difficult to get off. Even if I'm not on, I'm running back and forth to just check on something "real quick". But, adding the time up, it consumes more of the day than I'd like. I am so thankful that my husband has been willing to not look down on me in this area, but that we could work it out in laughter. :-D

If you struggle like I have in this area, you may want to try this option. Another option that I have tried in the past that does cut down on the amount of time you spend is putting the computer up higher on a shelf or something of that kind, so that you are forced to stand while working on it. Try it. It really does help. I found that since I was already in "action mode" I was pulled away from the computer a lot easier. There have been times I have thrown my arms up as I cried saying that I just wanted to throw the stupid thing out. When my husband first heard me say this he was very defensive, but he has come to see the damage that can be done if we allow it to rule our lives in any way.

I wish I could say that I am strong enough to "just say no", but it is a struggle for me.

Thankfully I have found a solution.

Maybe a little strange to some, but hey, whatever works!

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