Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!

Yeah, I know. As I'm writing this, it's almost midnight. So, I'm a little late. But, nonetheless, I hope you all have had a fantastic mothers day weekend!!

I did that's for sure.

Guess what I got?
Want a hint?

Awe, I'm tired. I'll just tell ya. (Ok, so the truth is, I couldn't think a good hint. You're right)

I thought about saying, "um, it rhymes with Fread Bechine", but I realized that idea was, well, dumb. And, that's when I decided to make the excuse of being tired.

Oh well. SO, did you get my lame hint?
I got a BREAD MACHINE!!!!!!!!!

Yes! My hubby is the best. Oh kay, it was from my kids, but you all understand. Somebody's gotta give them money & with money comes the idea of where to spend it. I love my family!

And, no, I still haven't made any bread. I can't wait tomorrow! We've been out all day & all of us have been talking about how excited we are to have some nice hot homemade bread!!!!

Yum. I can't wait!

How was your Mothers Day?

1 comment:

Our Peculiar Life said...

I sold my bread machine at a garage sale a few years ago and I miss it! Have fun with yours!!