Monday, May 07, 2007

Life Talk Kids

Just wanted to spread the word on It's an online radio station of sorts. Anyway, they have a ton of different types of music to listen to. I have found a really great station for kids and I wanted to pass it on. It's called Life Talk Kids. They unashamedly share the gospel throughout the day. They have music, stories to listen to and read from the Bible all day long. I love it!! So, here's the link for Life Talk Kids at

Today they had a story and I just used that story to help my son with his narration in homeschooling. After the story was done I just had him repeat to me what it was about as I typed it up for him. How easy is that to keep his mind sharp? :o)

P.S. They are having issues with royalty, so if you can help keep them alive please do!

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Our Peculiar Life said...

I am going to check this out! Thanks for the heads up!