Friday, May 04, 2007

Mom's Humor Contest

Well, I know I'm a bit late here. I do have an excuse because of, well you know, the horrible Mouse Issue. But, I have to jump in on this. Bethany is hosting this Mom's Humor Contest and I just have to get involved. I love to hear the laughs that children give us! I know I don't post much on my children's funniness, but they are funny. Trust me. :-) I like to write those memories down as they come, but sometimes they slip away. Hopefully we'll be able to catch a few of them through Bethany's little contest.

So, here's mine.

My dogs name is Rocket. She is quite a Rocket too. She runs around really FAST! Anyway, my husband is the kidder around here and for some reason he began calling her "Roquito" in a Spanish tone. Don't ask. Anyway, so on to the really funny part. I don't have a CLUE where my little two year old girl got this - I mean no one has ever said this, but the other day when I was cooking & not able to come to see what she wanted, she began to call out to me as "Mom-ito". Yes, you just have to have the whole picture, she's in her diaper (well, potty training you know...) with cute little braided pigtales yelling loudly through the house with a Spanish accent "Moommeettooo". I think she realized how cute it was, because ever since then that's my new name. :0)

It makes me laugh every time I hear it!

So, do you have a funny children's stories to tell?
If so head on over to HERE. Even if you don't have a good one, go check out the others to have some laughs! :0)

Oh, and if we're not too late, she is giving a few books away for those who participte!
So, join in the fun!!

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