Sunday, July 15, 2007

I smell change up ahead!

I've been busy (make that very busy) working on hubbys resume! Yep, there's a possibility that my hard working man just might have better hours and could be HOME more!!!!!! If you all only knew the prayers and tears. God does hear when we cry out to Him! This job in particular is almost like a dream because of the hours. They are SET. Which alone just makes me want to jump for joy. But, beyond that, they are GOOD hours...6:30-3:30 and only 5 minutes away from home. Not to mention there would be a pay increase.

Here's where we need prayer. The job post was taken offline last night. Not surprisingly because it had been up a month as of yesterday. My ambitious husband will be there with resume in hand at 8am tomorrow morning to inquire nonetheless. I don't know for sure if God has marked this job for him (although he seems to fit the bill pretty well), but I do know that He is moving in the area of hub's work. That alone makes me VERY excited!

Like I said, I've been working hard on his resume since I heard about the job. I am just now finishing it up. I am excited, even if this job does not pan out, because we are now fully prepared for whatever God has planned next.

God is good.
In times of thirst and in times of plenty.
He is always good.

Thank you for taking a moment to pray specifically for him. I will be stepping out in prayer, asking the Lord for this job. Only He knows, but it appears to fulfill (from my small brained perspective) my hearts desire to have my best friend around us more often. I'll keep you updated if/when God does place him in a new job.

Thanks again for your prayers!!

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