Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Phone interview

Ok. So, he had a phone interview this morning at 7am. The guy said the interview would be somewhere between 10-15 minutes and it was 14. From what I heard Hubs answered the questions really great. (he told me afterword the conversation) But, his main concern was that he said um way too much, he was tired (actually his throat hurt, which gave an appearance that he was tired) and a bit nervous. Since it is a type of telephone position his phone etiquette was very important. Like I said, I thought his answers sounded really good. In the end the guy said that he would call him in a week to let him know if there is still an opening. Which isn't the best thing he could have said, but...there's hope still. After learning a little online, we've decided to write a thank you letter (for the interview) which inlcludes some things he may have wanted to say, but was too nervous to do. Hopefully get that out before too late so that they don't forget who he is. Then, we'll just see...

I haven't stopped praying yet. :o)

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