Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Take a good hard look into your child's face.

What do you see? Are they smiling? Really smiling? Do they have joy? How about their eyes? Are they sparkling? Think about the last time they laughed. How long ago was it? What were they laughing about? Was it wholesome? Can your child laugh at himself? Or do they laugh about someone else's failures?

Take time to study who your child is. Look into their soul. They almost become a part of us, since we see them day in and day out and it can be hard to look objectively. Try it. Imagine you just met them. What would you think about that child?

As you do, realize so much of you is reflected within them. Have you taken a good look at YOU lately? Make sure your priorities are right. Life is short.

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Mama said...

VERY true!