Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I just realized...

How depressing it's been around here. I'm terribly sorry. Really, who wants to read about people feeling yucky and not getting hired for jobs they apply to. Yikes!

Truthfully, we've had quite a few "exciting" things going on here that I wasn't paying much attention to the blog life. We've had an ongoing saga within our neighborhood concerning a crazy man with a lot of dogs. He was just doing strange things like turning on everyone's water and leaving it to flood yards and in one case an actual house. We've grown closer to our neighbors as we've united together to gossip, um I mean, discuss what's been going on. Our family actually has really gone out of our way to be neighborly to him in the past. We've given him meals on several occasions, I went and bought him milk once when he asked me to, we've even prayed with him once! We're always praying for him. But, he just has some issues mentally. We got a bit worried because he was going into our yards doing things that he shouldn't be doing. I personally caught him throwing liquid of some type into driveways and most suspect that he was the one who threw the rusty nails into the driveway of some houses. He had made us really paranoid. We were praying constantly for the protection of our house and I wouldn't let my son go out to ride his bike. Personally I didn't want to go out alone unless I had to. Anyway, to make a long story short, he was finally arrested yesterday!! As it turns out, he had spit in a woman's face and that was enough to get him to jail. Between all of us neighbors the cops were coming out almost every day for a month. We figured the more we had on record of what he'd been doing, the bigger the case would be. Our prayer is that they will do some type of an evaluation and realize that he needs to be in a mental facility. I am a little concerned they will send him home and the whole ordeal will start over. We live in such a great neighborhood! All of our neighbors are so friendly and some have been here since the street was made. He's caused quite a stir around here and I'm hoping it's over! {update: he just came home in a taxi. He will be home at least until his court date on the 22nd. Please pray for our family and our neighbors. Thank you!}

That's what's been happening in my neck of the woods.
How's life treating you?


Mama said...

hows life treating me today? Well lets see...I am looking out from under a mountain of laundry and dust and clutter.....back to work i go:)

Mercy said...

Ha, ha. Isn't that the life we live? It's never ending I tell ya!