Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'm in organizing mode right now...

I don't know if you've noticed by reading my blog, but I tend to be very moody. What I mean by that is I seem to get into certain "zones", where I can't seem to focus on anything but what I've got my mind on. Right now it's a little of re-organization and school preparation. I already mentioned that my schedule seems to fit our lifestyle remarkably well, which just excites me! Because that's a miracle you know. I know it will be short-lived, as hubby will be getting a new job (I'll post more on that later) and we all know that baby will turn this household upside-down. But, in the meantime, I'm rejoicing!

Anyway, since this week was a short one and I got a bug in me on Monday, I began getting my bookshelves and paperwork in order. Maybe you don't really know what that entails around here, but lets just say the word P I L E S. Yes, that's how organized I have been recently. It's all been put neatly into some organized piles, other piles...not so neatly. Why I am like this (and how to cope with my style), I have yet to understand. But, somehow I have had the energy and motivation to get it together in this area. Ok, when I say energy, I do mean that I'm working less than half of my normal self in the speed department. But, hey, I'm getting it done!

I have to say, today was probably my most productive day since I've been with child. The making of a baby can be very draining! It's nice to have a little more energy lately.

I also just want to say, I'm sorry that this blog has been so personal as of late. It seems I need a place to just sort of "share" what's happening in my little world. So, you all get to hear. I haven't been in the mode to post more meaningful thoughts, so I've just been updating as life flies by. Hope you stick with me while I experience the life the Lord has given to me and I promise to share some more applicable (and less self-centered) posts soon, as God allows.

Thanks for reading!

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