Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's that time again...

I've sent in my homeschooling intent letter to the district. All my son's friends went back this past Monday. I've been drooling over that new curriculum (My Fathers World) I found and fell in love with. And, we've set up a new fall schedule. We're kicking it into gear around here.

Let's see if I can post my new schedule...

Wake up
Pickup room, Make bed, laundry, p/u bathroom
Cleanup Table,
living room and Kitchen
Switch Laundry
Bible Time
2yo "School"/7yo Math
Read Aloud
Cleanup Table,
living room and Kitchen
Chore Time
Chore Time
Chore Time
Book Basket with Kids
Daddy's Home Prep
Daddy Time
Family Bible Study
Kids in Bed

This schedule is in anticipation for when I get MFW, but we've been able to work it until about noon and so far it's working great! The afternoon has been mostly "free play" until we get our new curriculum. In the morning, I have my youngest play with blocks or her little people while I read outloud. In case you are wondering our Math is Horizons workbook 1 and our English is First Language Lessons. For our Bible time right now we have just been reading through Psalms and talking about it. It's going well, even when I'm not completely up for doing all my chores, I usually can make it through homeschool time because all I really have to do is sit to read and discuss whatever it is they are learning. Oh, and for my youngest daughter (who is EXCEPTIONALLY bright!) I just do a workbook about colors with her. She already knows her colors, but we write her name on the top and she practices her coloring. After each page she puts a sticker on. Then we count to 5. For some reason she always skips 5, she'll say "1,2,3,4,6!" so I made up a little song to help her learn it. Songs help so much. She knows how to spell her name just because I made up a little catchy tune for it. (oh kay, so her name is only 3 letters, but I'm pretty proud of her!) I can tell she's going to be fun to homeschool, she catches on so easily!

Anyway, we're in the school time mode. I'm really looking forward to this year!!

{by the way, I also wanted to mention, this is one of the first times I've made a schedule and my times are pretty accurate. I know it seems strange that I have a whole half hour devoted to waking up, but there's always something to do during that time. Helping hubby or 2yo, or trying to get my son awake. It's been interesting (at least before noon) we have been on track even by the clock! The evenings are not so good though. Bedtime last night for even the kids was 12:00! I know, I'm a terrible mom. My husband is such a late nighter that it's hard to get focused earlier. My goal is 9:00, but if hubby doesn't get home until late, I allow the kids to stay up in order to spend some time with Daddy. Hey, that's one of the greatest parts about homeschooling in my opinion!}


Kimm said...

We are on day 19 of My Father's World 1st grade and we are loving it! Are you doing 2nd grade? I'd love to know how you like it.

Mercy said...

Kimm, That's so cool you are doing MFW! I haven't gotten it yet and I'm really anxious to get started for this school year. (since I am starting late and I'm also having a baby here sometime)Anyway, yes, I am doing ECC which will start into the chronological history study. I think it's going to be a really good curriculum!!

I promise I'll let you know how it all goes. I'm thinking about setting up a blog just for our school. We'll see...