Wednesday, October 10, 2007

God is so faithful!

I had one of those tough days yesterday where I was struggling to get the day done. Seemed like everything came at me all at once & the harder I tried to keep going the harder it was. I went to bed praying against the hopeless feeling I had about today. I had the haunting thought that today was going to be just as hard and I was not looking forward to another day like that. Well, I was awake a lot last night, thinking still on how hard I was thinking today was going to be - the long list of to do's and how tired I was sure I was going to be (since I wasn't sleeping!). And woke up, even more discouraged as I had left dishes in the sink, so we had no clean cups, we were out of water (a big necessity for me right now) and a few other things. But, I continued in prayer. I asked my husband to pray for me and he did.

I'm telling all of this to give a victory report on how God has paved a path for this day!! It is 10:30am and I'm almost done with our ironing for Church tonight (that is a huge deal for me!) and I got my dishes started, PLUS we're almost done with school! YES!!!! God is so faithful. My to do list doesn't seem as overwhelming & my hope for today is renewed.

I am so very thankful for the Lord's help in our time of need.
(He is God of the little things too)

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