Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Near Death Experiences

The other night we watched a documentary type movie on people who had had "near death experiences." I had seen this one before (it's free online - you have to scroll down to where it says To Hell and Back), which was pretty good. But this one we watched the other night was GREAT! It was called The Lazarus Phenomenon. Here's a list of true experiences, including this one of an African pastor who was resurrected after three days, which was in the movie. If you scroll down on his page, you will see a link to the movie. There was another account VERY similar to one that was in the Hell and Back movie. Similar in that they both did not know anything more about Christianity than the Lord's prayer, yet experienced the love of God beyond comprehension. For each of these accounts it had been years since it happened, but as they spoke about meeting Jesus, tears ran down their faces. I walked away from this movie with brand new eyes. Not only about being humble enough to live a life of FULL forgiveness, but with a new vision of heaven!

I can't wait to go!!!
Will we see you there?

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