Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Baby update

I am at 25 weeks. Talking to my husband today I realized I still have somewhere around 3 whole months! That's longer than I thought. I'm getting anxious. :-)

So, I got an ultrasound.


As suspected -


Everyone is excited. It's so nice to get that confirmation when you already KNOW what it is, but there are thoughts of doubt floating around occasionally. Anyway, we're all excited. (And, that might be why I'm getting anxious now.)

And, I have some other news I found out from the ultrasound.

1.) He's breech. (I'm just going to assume -and believe - that he'll switch before labor)

2.) There is water on/in his kidney (hope I'm saying that right. They said it was pretty common for boys to have this)

3.) I've got placenta previa. (I'm pretty sure this is what I had with my daughter. I was on bed rest most of the pregnancy with lots of precautions. And, she was coming early. These are all the signs and probably what will be the case with this one too.)

So... I need to be extra careful.

I have to say, even before I got the ultrasound I knew. I could tell there were a few times I was overdoing it. Last Saturday I woke up and we have been doing some re-arranging to get a good place for baby. (and to just get a little control over our space before Christmas, etc.) I wasn't doing any heavy lifting, but I was doing a lot of work picking up, etc. Then we went to a house warming party where there were so many people chairs were limited, so I found myself standing a majority of the time. Afterward we went to our Super Walmart. About halfway through I started saying that I needed to find a bench to sit at. We were at a different one than we normally shop, so I couldn't seem to locate any for some reason. As we went along I kept feeling worse and worse. Finally my husband disappeared and then re-appeared with one of those motorized carts. At first I fought with him about it. I didn't want to appear lazy or whatever, but I have to say the moment I sat down I felt such a relief and the longer that I sat in that cart the more I realized how much I had really overdone it.

This weekend was SO busy (even up to Monday when my sister in law came to visit with her two girls). But, yesterday and today I have felt like I'm regressing in my pregnancy. (I know there's obviously no such thing, but this feels like 1st trimester stuff) I am tired BIG TIME again and hungry, yet really picky about what I want. I thought this part was over for some reason. I guess it ain't over, till it's over. :-)

so, that's the latest in my pregnancy ups and downs.

Almost everyone in bloggyville is either pregnant or has a new baby it seems. How fun!


Our Peculiar Life said...

Congratulations on your little boy!!! now take it easy and rest for yourself and for him!!!

Life with Littles said...

Congrats! I will pray for your pregnancy. You have pretty much described the way I felt my whole pregnancy with this last one. It's amazing how good I felt once he was out of there even with a c-section to heal from.